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Upcoming CEU Opportunities!

Just a couple more weeks until these two CEU-eligible courses begin! Which one of these will you choose?

Live Online Accent Reduction:

Live Online Advanced Consecutive & Simultaneous:

Fall 2019: FCICE Oral Exam Prep

Interpreters – we want to take a moment to congratulate you on your accomplishments so far. You’ve worked hard to earn your certification, and your chosen career path makes a difference in the lives people in need of your services. Thanks to you, language is less of a barrier in our state courts.

Because of the passion for the profession and learning that we have observed in interpreters, want to provide you with an opportunity to continue growing your career options and making a difference – on the federal level.

Beginning on July 30th, our FCICE Oral Exam prep…

Advanced Workshop Series Part 1: Conference 101


Conference interpreting is commonly considered a big and challenging step for many interpreters. As the world gets smaller and communication between countries becomes more frequent, DE LA MORA wants to help interpreters tackle this challenge by offering an online workshop that will build on the confidence, skills, and knowledge needed to step into the conference arena, for a special summer price of $140.00.

This workshop is part one of our Advanced Workshop Series, Conference Interpreting 101. It will be taught by Darinka Mangino, a seasoned conference interpreter who is famous for her record-breaking long consecutive skills. The workshop…