We offer many exciting options to upgrade the standard of interpretation currently being provided by your organization.


This is the first step towards taking charge of the quality of interpretation currently being done at your organization. One of our professional instructors and certified interpreters will ‘shadow’  your Bilingual and Interpreter staff, grade their performance and turn in a full report on professionalism, service and skill. This evaluation we believe is essential in order to bring perspective on your current program, and to aim for an overall better standard.




An online course branded for your organization to be used as part of an on-boarding process, this service is ground breaking in the interpreter training industry and will immediately raise the bar for your language access program. DLMIT’s Signature Medical Interpreter Training® Online is a 40-hour self-paced training designed for individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to work as professional medical interpreters. Fully customizable to fit your needs, this course is also available as an 8, 16 or 24 hour training.  By taking charge of the educational basics the interpreters receive, your organization will be  reinforcing positive habits in those who are already certified and creating new study and practice methods for those who are on their way to finalize their certification. The course will be strengthened and individualized with your organization’s policy on ethics and procedures making it a well rounded informational session for not only staff interpreters but also agency and freelance workers.

Through this course participants will learn:

  • The main interpretation methods used in health care settings
  • Techniques for managing the flow of patient/provider interactions
  • Professional standards and ethics of medical interpreting
  • Memory and note-taking skills for improved accuracy
  • Cultural competency
  • Medical vocabulary
  • Important facts on the health care system

Content will be presented in a interactive format, allowing participants to practice their interpreting skills, assess their progress and discuss ethically challenging situations common to the field. The course is open to interpreters of all languages.  Participants must pass a final exam in order to receive a Certificate of Proficiency (or a completion report branded to your hospital) in Medical Interpreting.


DLMIT’s ‘Signature Medical Interpreter Training’ can be done in person as well. The perfect opportunity to re-train your current interpreters with a curriculum designed around the staff evaluations results. Flexible and fun, in person training is the right choice to get your staff immersed in hands-on practice and the invaluable resource of immediate feedback. Choose from 2 day workshops, 3 days or 5 days.



‘Interpreting Basics for Bilingual Staff’ will introduce the building blocks of interpretation as a profession, allowing the participants to grow their language skills, while improving your language access program. The course will cover modes of interpretation, interpreting ethics and role as cultural brokers and basic guidelines for interpreting medical terminology. DLMIT will take into account your organization’s particular needs and goals for its bilingual staff in the development of a customized curriculum (all training materials will be included in this workshop.) Choose from 2 day workshops, 3 days or 5 days.

De La Mora Interpreter Training has been dedicated to education and advocacy for the advancement of the interpreting profession since 1998, providing dynamic in-person seminars, online courses, conference events and guidance for interpreters as well as the administrators and end users who work with them.

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