Links Interpreters Love: March 2024

LINKS INTERPRETERS LOVE is a monthly curated collection of articles, free resources, and industry-related goodies from various sources across the internet. A lot of good information can be found here, so check back each month for more!



‘We’ve hit a wall’: Language access advocates rally for better resources and funding in Hawaii


“The Lonely, Vital Work of Medical Interpretation”: a touching New Yorker article on medical interpreters


Resources from around the web:

Bulk up your slang repertoire with this list of Slang Trends for 2024


Increase your study productivity: build your own vocabulary memorization flashcards with this free app 


Recap with us:

Subject to Interpretation Podcast – Founder Series with Robert Joe Lee (EP 57)

Learn about qualified interpreters, training, why it is important to do research, and changing roles over the years in this riveting conversation between host Maria Ceballo-Wallis and guest Robert Joe Lee who, among many other things, managed the New Jersey Judiciary’s program to ensure equal access to courts for linguistic minorities from its inception in December 1985 until his retirement at the end of 2008.



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