Watch this important presentation by Agustin De La Mora and get ready to begin your journey towards this rewarding career.

The Signature Court Interpreter Training Program® is a course designed to provide bilingual individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to work as professional court interpreters. This is DE LA MORA’s signature curriculum, learn the proven methods that make us a nationally recognized name in interpreter training.

We have two versions of this program:

  • Long Format: 5 months of extensive study, FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS ONLY. Dive into our most complete training to date, learn from various instructors, get free  access to our English Written prep and let us help you get ready to pass your state exam.
  • Short Format: 6 classes of intensive education FOR SPEAKERS OF ALL LANGUAGES. Learn our core methods for practical skill building and take your interpreter renditions to the next level. This course is also perfect if you’re getting ready to take the state exam.

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Step 1: 

Check with your state and see if you’ll need to take an orientation and register to take the Court Interpreter English Written Exam.  Check with your state by clicking HERE

Step 2: 

If you are a Spanish speaking interpreter then the long format of our Signature Court Interpreter Training Program is best suited for you. With language specific exercises and access to various instructors, this is by far our most complete training option. The long format of our Signature program also includes access to the self paced English Written Exam Prep.

If you speak any language other than Spanish, then the short format of the Signature Court Interpreter Training Program is best suited for you. Get ready to learn how to interpret, get into intense practice and learn about the judicial process and legal terminology. After enrollment you will receive a 50% off discounted rate to purchase the self paced English Written Exam Prep.

Step 3: 

Take the oral exam in your state and become a Certified Court Interpreter!

SHORT FORMAT: For  ALL Languages

Starting this February 12th, 2018

LONG FORMAT: For SPANISH speaking interpreters only starting  JANUARY 2018


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