Authorship Program

What's missing from the field of interpreter education? YOU.

Are you a certified interpreter? Do you want to enrich the field of interpreter education? Join DE LA MORA Institute of Interpretation’s new Authorship Program to sell your courses in our online store with the support of our platform, audience, and resources.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Read the details below and see if the program is a good fit for you. Our only prerequisite is that you are a certified interpreter (legal or medical).
  2. Click “Start your application now!” at the bottom of the page and tell us some more information about you and the class you want to offer.
  3. Once your application with us is approved and your contract with us is signed, the fun part begins – getting started on creating your course content! We will provide the tools you will need, as well as instructions on how to format your content.
  4. After you send us the completed materials, we will put everything together on our online school’s platform and add your course to our library of self-paced courses for purchase. You will receive a periodic payout and report of all your course sales.

Here's What You Need to Know

What We Provide

  • The platform and audience
  • Handling payment
  • The tools/programs you need to create and record your class
  • An orientation on how to format your course
  • Instructions and technical support
  • Certificates of completion for students

What You Create

  • A course that is 2 to 8 hours long (can be divided into multiple sessions)
  • Video(s) with a presentation and your recorded voice-over (or video!)
  • A multiple-choice quiz
  • If you want students to earn Continuing Education Credits from your course, you will need to apply for them

Payments and Ownership

  • You receive 60% of all sales
  • The course price is up to you, with a minimum of $22 per hour
  • You retain ownership rights to all your courses and materials
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