Authorship Program: Content Creation Tips For Our Authors

This year, DE LA MORA Institute has launched an authorship program in which certified interpreters can join the DE LA MORA Team and earn passive income by creating content to sell in our self-paced video library. As an author, the content creation process will involve recording your voice, with the option to also record yourself on video. While we don’t require our authors to be seasoned film directors, we do have a few tips to help you make your content delivery clear and professional.

1. What You Will Need

For a successful recording session, you will only need three tools:…

Subject to Interpretation: Coming Soon!

We are very excited to kick off our brand new season of Subject to Interpretation on February 7th!

If you or a colleague are interested in becoming a guest on our podcast, please send your inquiries to [email protected] with a brief bio and a topic or idea that you are interested in discussing.

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Introducing DE LA MORA’s Customized Courses: What do you want to learn?

As your oral court interpreter exam date approaches, all those desperate Google searches followed by frantic phone calls to schools could leave you weary, because it feels like no course curriculum on earth covers the exact kind of training you are looking for. Private tutoring can be pricey, but on the other end of the spectrum, semester-long classes may be too broad for your specific needs. For example, we at DE LA MORA Institute receive many inquiries from students requesting training in just one mode of interpreting. Previously, we were only able to offer private tutoring as a solution.