The livelihoods of interpreters post Covid19, has shifted five steps closer to work that is done almost fully online. Remote agencies are needed more than ever, and the legal system is currently scrambling to accommodate online friendly solutions. This means that you shouldn’t stay too far behind! Just because your state might not currently be testing (TIP: We have a webpage to keep up with all state training announcements HERE) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ready now to be tested once a semblance of normalcy in everyday operations is restored. Our fall class line up is here, and with it are new ways in which you can save, enroll and not miss a beat.  

Early Bird Specials:  

Our system for early bird specials is simple. All you must do is be one of the first four enrollments, use the code EARLYBIRD during checkout, and receive a 10% off.  

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Membership Discounts:  

Have you heard of our membership? We offer free perks like an interpreter job posting site, as well as paid options that brings you monthly training opportunities with interpreter experts from all over the world. The benefits of being a paid member don’t end there of course, since our paid members are able to combine discounts!  

You read that right, paid members immediately receive 15% off any of DE LA MORA’s online offerings. But combined with the early bird promotion, the savings add up to 25% off total. The Early bird rules still apply, you must be part of the first four enrollments. 

Association Discounts:   

If you are part of an interpreter association, reach out to us! E-mails us with your name and contact information as it appears in your membership and you’ll receive 15% off.  

All of our fall classes are now open for enrollment, so visit: 

And enroll today!