Finding the Future

 ConVTI 2019 is a fully digital conference airing globally on November 14th-15th. Originally founded by Gio Lester, who also aided in designing the original Finding the Parallels conference, this online conference allows presenters from all over the world to join together in a digital forum to discuss the future of interpretation and translation worldwide.

Price: $195 regular rate

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME FLASH SALE: $50 tickets until November 8th, 2019

Group rate: 10+ people buy tickets together will enjoy our early-bird rate ($145) See info below.

Where: Online via KUDO
When: November 14-15, 2019

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Thursday, November 14th, 2019    Presenter 
8:30 AM  Welcome   
9:00 AM  KEYNOTE SPEAKER– Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Debunking the new Interpreting Delivery Platforms  Ewandro Magalhães 
10:45AM  Break   
11:00 AM  Is DotSub for you? Subtitling made easy  Rafa Lombardino 
12:45 PM-1:45  Lunch   
2:00 PM– 3:45 PM  Intercultural Mediation: At the Intersection of Healthcare & Culture  Dr. Izabel Souza 
4:00 PM  Legal Terminology: Present and Future (1 hr)  Paula Arturo and Bruna Marchi 



Friday, November 15th, 2019    Presenter 
9:00 AM  Organic marketing and Targeting prospects  Nicole Konig 
10:45 PM  Break   
11:00 AM  The Nomadic Entrepreneur: not an oxymoron  Jonathan Hine 
12:45 PM  Lunch   
2:00 PM   Localization Landscapes: How Technology Will Reshape the Language Industry 


Carlos la Orden Tovar 
4:00 PM  Enhance Your LinkedIn Experience  


Martina Russo (Marketing) 
5:00 PM  Thank you for joining us!  Gio Lester

*Subject to change without notice.

Groups of 10 or more individuals will enjoy our early-bird rate ($145/person) when acquiring tickets.

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