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The brand new DE LA MORA Membership means monthly access to premium educational tools. If you’re a legal interpreter serious about your education, then this is the most affordable option in the market. Whether you need to pass a certification exam, earn continuing education credits, or simply further your skills, this membership is for you.  Join us today and unlock your potential!

The Student Level Membership Includes:

  • Monthly LIVE ONLINE Skill Building Webinars directly from the best instructors in the field! (Always 2.5 hours)
  • A Virtual Lab for Spanish Speaking Interpreters that includes Sight, Consecutive and Simultaneous exercises.
  • A Virtual Lab for Speakers of All Languages that includes Sight, Consecutive and Simultaneous exercises.
  • A 21 Day Program to improve Simultaneous interpretation.
  • Access to our Webinar Library.
  • Plus direct access to our podcast, member newsletters, special discounts and  discussions.

In the Webinar Library this month (All Webinars are CEU Eligible):

  • Federal Terminology and Practice with Federally Certified, Ana Toro
  • Mental Health and Criminal Behavior with, Dr. Lizbeth Mendoza
  • Ethics: The Interpreters Conundrum with Medical and Legal Certified, Athena Matilsky

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