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State Exam Success Kit

Complete Guide to Preparing for the State Exam


The State Exam Success Kit is a comprehensive tool for interpreters of all languages and levels to hone their skills and prepare for the State Court Oral Certification Exam and the State English Written Proficiency Exam. The kit is made complete by a series of informative videos that explain the exam process, expectations, and exam content, and provide helpful breakdowns of subjects and topics covered. Additionally, the kit includes a set of carefully-designed exercises that reinforce our intentional practice approach and the importance of honest self-assessment to build your skill level as an interpreter. The kit is available in Spanish/English or in Language-Neutral format (for interpreters of all languages).

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The State Exam Success Kit Includes: 

  • State Certification Written Prep:
    • Comprehensive breakdown of topics and subjects covered in the written exam, including idioms, reading comprehension, antonyms, and synonyms
    • Short introduction to legal interpretation that includes interpreter ethics, judicial systems, common legal jargon, and terminology
    • Video lectures, additional resources, and quizzes
    • Full-length 135-question practice English written exam modeled after the real thing.
  • NEW: Oral Exam Overview and a FREE Set of Exercises:
    • Video lectures that break down oral exam expectations, how state exams are rated, and how to improve your performance as an interpreter
    • The Initial Oral Exercise Set A is included FREE. It has been designed to precisely mimic the testing standards, rating conventions, and format of the state court oral exam. Included are two sight translation exercises, one consecutive exercise, and one simultaneous exercise – all based off of real court proceedings and documents.
  • This kit is available in Spanish and Language Neutral formats (All Languages)
    • The Language Neutral version includes all exercises in English only
    • The Spanish-Specific version includes one English>Spanish sight translation, one Spanish>English sight translation, a consecutive exercise with Spanish and English dialogue, and the simultaneous exercises

Or Enroll Separately:

State Certification Written Prep – $150

Prepare for the State Certification Written Exam at your own pace

Oral Exam Overview + Free Set of Exercises – $49.99 Introductory Price

Prepare for the state oral certification exam with an in-depth overview and high quality exercises.

Oral Exercise Set Refill – Coming Soon

Once you’ve mastered the initial set of exercises, refresh your practice with a brand-new set of materials, designed with the same rigorous standards as the first.

Purchasing the State Exam Success Kit or the Oral Exam Overview gives you lifetime access to discounted Oral Exercise Sets. Discounted sets are only $18. More will be published soon.

DE LA MORA Virtual Language Lab -Spanish 5.0-

Developed from actual court proceedings with exercises for Sight, Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation in Spanish and English. Also includes professional recordings, and tips on how to utilize this language lab to become a better interpreter and build your skills.  As part of the DE LA MORA line of interpreter training materials you are guaranteed intermediate-advanced practice that will help you reach the next level in your career.