Advanced Workshop Series Part 1: Conference 101


Conference interpreting is commonly considered a big and challenging step for many interpreters. As the world gets smaller and communication between countries becomes more frequent, DE LA MORA wants to help interpreters tackle this challenge by offering an online workshop that will build on the confidence, skills, and knowledge needed to step into the conference arena, for a special summer price of $140.00.

This workshop is part one of our Advanced Workshop Series, Conference Interpreting 101. It will be taught by Darinka Mangino, a seasoned conference interpreter who is famous for her record-breaking long consecutive skills. The…

Finding the Parallels: Instructor Highlight

Meet one of this year’s Finding the Parallels presenters, Dr. Lizbeth Mendoza.

She is originally from Mexico City, where she received her M.D. from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Over the course of 13 years she has participated in different areas of Medicine including research, academics, and bilingual medical services as well as editing and translation of medical content. She is a Spanish Certified Medical Interpreter (CMI), freelance interpreter, and mentor for Medical interpreters. She is a member of the IMIA where…

Live Online Intro to Community and Immigration Interpreting

Since the beginnings of the U.S., we have experienced a growing language barrier in courts and communities associated with the influx of immigrants, the expansion of linguistically diverse communities, and the development of legal processes that people must undergo to become a part of our great melting pot. In response to this growth, we are excited to announce that DE LA MORA Interpreter Training is now exploring ways to help break down this language barrier by offering an Intro to Immigration and Community Interpreting course for the first time in our school’s history, for just $150.

This course will…