Since the beginnings of the U.S., we have experienced a growing language barrier in courts and communities associated with the influx of immigrants, the expansion of linguistically diverse communities, and the development of legal processes that people must undergo to become a part of our great melting pot. In response to this growth, we are excited to announce that DE LA MORA Interpreter Training is now exploring ways to help break down this language barrier by offering an Intro to Immigration and Community Interpreting course for the first time in our school’s history, for just $150.

This course will be taught by Meenu Batra, master level Texas court interpreter with more than 10 years of experience interpreting in immigration court and the US District courts.

Along with a basic introduction to the modes and skills used in community interpreting, Meenu will also cover immigration-specific terminology, types of court cases, and ethical issues.

This course will begin on June 24th, and is open to students of all languages and experience levels who wish to make a difference in their communities. For more information on this course and registration, please visit the link in the description of this video, and we look forward to seeing you in class!