Free Welcome Reception For Future and Current Interpreters Being Held Nov. 9th

ORLANDO, FL- October 26, 2018- According to the US Department of Labor, employment of interpreters and translators is projected to grow 46 percent by 2022.  Compared to the 11 percent growth rate of most other careers, this could mean new job opportunities for bilingual individuals that are needed to work in court, medical, government, schools and conference settings among many others. The median salary of a language interpreter is $45,430 (US Dept. of Labor) in a field of growing demand due to globalization and developing technology.

These are the reasons DLMIT (DE LA MORA Interpreter Training) , an education institution based in Orlando , is holding a FREE Welcome Reception Friday November 9th for any bilingual individual interested in becoming an interpreter. The ‘Free Welcome Reception’ is the first night of their annual professional interpreter conference called Finding The Parallels,  a 3 day event which takes place to provide continued education credits to already certified legal and medical interpreters.

“The Free Welcome Reception is open to anyone interested or curious about becoming an interpreter. We would also like to invite all certified and working interpreters to stop by as well to participate in the activities and to network” – Claudia Eslava, Project Manger for DLMIT.

Starting at 6:00 PM the reception will feature a panel of Federally and Medically Certified interpreters, who will speak about the industry and answer audience questions. The open panel is to be followed by a networking event and special giveaways.

“There is currently a growing demand for interpreters in Central Florida especially in the medical and legal field.  But the problem right now is that not that many bilingual people, who already have the skills to get them started, are aware that this could be a real career path for them or even a flexible side job. So we hope this will serve as an introduction to many individuals of what this career may offer” – Agustin De La Mora, DLMIT President and Federally Certified Interpreter.

Pictured: Open Panel,  Finding The Parallels Conference 2017

DE LA MORA Interpreter training was founded by Agustin in 1998 after seeing a lack of educational courses for working interpreters. Born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico- Mr. De La Mora currently has over 27 years of professional interpreter experience including having worked as the Lead Interpreter for the 9th Judicial Circuit in Florida for a decade. The school has taught thousands of working interpreters around the country through workshops, online classes and self-paced courses.

Event Details: 

When: November 9th: Welcome Reception to Finding the Parallels Interpreter Conference


7024 Augusta National Dr.

Orlando, FL 32822

Starts at 6 PM 

Cost: Attendance is FREE but must have a ticket for admission.

Tickets for the reception or enrollment for the workshop can be attained through: