The livelihoods of interpreters post Covid19, has shifted five steps closer to work that is done almost fully online. Remote agencies are needed more than ever, and the legal system is currently scrambling to accommodate online friendly solutions. This means that you shouldn’t stay too far behind! Just because your state might not currently be testing (TIP: We have a webpage to keep up with all state training announcements HERE) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ready now to be tested once a semblance of normalcy in everyday operations is restored. Our fall class line up…

Consecutive Note-Taking with Claudia Villalba

Here is how one of our instructors, Claudia Villalba, takes notes when interpreting consecutively. Looking for additional in-depth training on note-taking? Claudia’s continuing education course on note-taking provides you with the resources and techniques to improve your consecutive interpretation and note-taking. Learn more by clicking here.


Spring into our new Signature Court Interpreter Program, beginning on March 23rd!

Thinking about becoming a legal or court interpreter? DE LA MORA Institute’s court interpreter course is now open for enrollment and all language combinations are welcome. To learn more about this course, visit
To learn more about the court interpreting career path, watch our video on how to become a court interpreter here:…

Beginning on April 13th: Live Online 63 Hour Signature Medical Interpreter Training Program

Happy Friday, everyone! We are excited to announce that our 63 Hour Signature Medical Interpreter Training Program is officially beginning on April 13th, and registration is finally open. Click here to find more details about this course and register before it fills up. We hope you have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you in class!

The Fascinating World of Drugs and The Interpretation Within

We are excited to announce that DE LA MORA Institute has officially launched a new series of monthly medical webinars, by today’s guest writer, Lizbeth Mendoza. In this article, she will discuss the theme of her first webinar of the series, Pharmacotherapy 101, Part 1 of 5 in her current webinar series. This CEU-eligible webinar has been converted into a self-paced course, which can be found here.

Have you ever felt curious and even a bit lost when medical providers, or their patients, or both, start talking about the use of drugs?
Perhaps some of you have been there. As…