Decoding Artificial Intelligence Interpretation: Can We Really Trust It?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is the buzzword of the moment, captivating everyone with its endless possibilities. But when it comes to interpreters, there’s a mix of awe and concern about whether AI will take over their jobs.

So, let’s address the big question: will Artificial Intelligence Interpretation really replace professional interpreters?

WIRED magazine recently conducted an experiment where two professional interpreters went head-to-head with an AI interpreting tool, and the results were intriguing.

Let’s look at some key takeaways from the experiment:


Spoiler alert: While AI can rapidly process vast amounts of information, AI interpretation is not…

Links Interpreters Love: July 2023

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Demystifying Federal and State Court Interpreting

Court interpreters play a crucial role in ensuring that everyone has equal access to the legal system, especially those who have limited English proficiency. They are professionals who follow strict ethical standards and act as impartial officers of the court.

In the United States, both federal and state courts provide interpreting services to meet the needs of diverse populations with limited English proficiency. To maintain high standards, certification programs have been established to assess the competence of court interpreters.

In this article, we’ll shed light on the requirements and processes of federal and state interpreting certifications, as well…


The livelihoods of interpreters post Covid19, has shifted five steps closer to work that is done almost fully online. Remote agencies are needed more than ever, and the legal system is currently scrambling to accommodate online friendly solutions. This means that you shouldn’t stay too far behind! Just because your state might not currently be testing (TIP: We have a webpage to keep up with all state training announcements HERE) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ready now to be tested once a semblance of normalcy in everyday operations is restored. Our fall class line up…

Consecutive Note-Taking with Claudia Villalba

Here is how one of our instructors, Claudia Villalba, takes notes when interpreting consecutively. Looking for additional in-depth training on note-taking? Claudia’s continuing education course on note-taking provides you with the resources and techniques to improve your consecutive interpretation and note-taking. Learn more by clicking here.