It’s finally summer! We’re getting ready to kick off the season with training classes and brand new opportunities to earn CEU’s.
We will once again be hosting language specific classes for the second time this year. If you missed it the first time, this will be your chance to receive court interpreter training in your own language of expertise! And this time, we will be including Spanish.
For those of you who have trained to be medical interpreters before, or for those of you who want to strengthen your medical interpreting skills, we are also going to offer a 20 hour medical oral prep course. If you have taken our 40 hour medical course in the past, you will receive $100 off of this course, as well as a 60 hour medical training certificate at the end of the course.
For those of you who are already certified, we’d like to invite you to watch our CEU series, in which you will have access to one 2.5 hour webinar each week for four weeks. Topics covered will include conference interpreting, advanced simultaneous, and two surprise topics that will soon be revealed. If you are interested in signing up for any of these courses, visit our website,, or the links in the description for more details!
Language Neutral Prerequisite for Language Specific Course:
20 Hour Medical Oral Prep: