Links Interpreters Love: Eritrean Spies, Fake ASL Interpreters, and Free Glossaries

LINKS INTERPRETERS LOVE is a monthly curated collection of articles, free resources, and industry-related goodies from various sources across the internet. A lot of good information can be found here, so feel free to read it, share it, and come back for more!


  • Tlicho is his 1st language, but court records show Indigenous man went on trial without an interpreter.


  • Are Eritrean government spies posing as refugee interpreters? Asylum-seekers and activists tell Al Jazeera how government-linked translators have infiltrated the immigration system.


  • Stories of fake sign language interpreters.


Free Resources:

  • Great resource to use when in doubt! Fundéu is a Spanish website that contains several glossaries which help with jargon, depending on the field. It also provides resources, discussion forums, language news, and links on improving your Spanish!



  • Real Academia Española is a popular website that provides professional and updated assistance in Spanish. It has links to a plethora of dictionaries and glossaries for many fields of study, as well as links for Spanish grammar, writing, spelling assistance, discussion boards, forums, catalogs, library access, and more.


Premium Resources:

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