LINKS INTERPRETERS LOVE is a monthly curated collection of articles, free resources, and industry-related goodies from various sources across the internet. A lot of good information can be found here, so feel free to read it, share it, and come back for more!


  • Check out the amazing brains of real-time interpreters!


  • As the demand increases in the US, the media begins to recognize how important Legal and HealthCare interpreters are.


  • eBay’s apology over Web interpret localization glitch.


Free Resources:

  • Great interpreter glossary of Legal Terminology from English to Spanish. This originated for the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Superior court.


  • This cite have tons of online practice exercises for Spanish including vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening comprehension.  at/vFV17


  • Here’s a great app that acts a language learners toolbox. Duolingo is a free online app that offers modules which are grouped to form skills. There are 28 languages available including: Spanish, German, Vietnamese, and even Klingon!


Premium Resources: